Eldercare - Make Money Playing Cards and Games

Are you looking for a part-time or full-time opportunity to make money? Something you will enjoy doing? You might want to consider the opportunities in the eldercare field. You might be able to earn money sitting around playing cards, and other games.

Families around the world are dealing with the challenges of aging relatives. Their parents or other relatives can no longer be left alone at home due to either a medical condition, or other issues. Instead of changing their lives, quitting jobs, and taking care of the relatives themselves, many families are choosing to hire a caregiver.

A caregiver in an eldercare environment can have many different levels of work. For a patient with limited health concerns, but primarily needing companionship and monitoring, you might only be responsible for preparing meals, and entertainment. Your day may be filled with enjoying the company of your client.

Don't go into eldercare with your eyes closed though. You could have a client who requires much more care, including personal hygiene items, such as bathing, assisting them to the bathroom, changing diapers, and other items. Instead of just cooking the meal, you may also be feeding them the meal. Keep in mind the higher the level of care needed usually equals higher prices you can charge for your services.

Some days, instead of playing cards, you may be the driver and taking your client shopping, to the bank, or for other errands. Expect to be the delivery person for Doctor, Dentist, and possibly physical therapy appointments. You may even need to be the chauffeur for delivery to a senior center for an afternoon of cards and dominoes. You might need to bring along your MP3 player on these days. You may have a long boring wait, unless you get invited to play.

Other jobs a eldercare provider may be asked to help with can include house cleaning, laundry, and other minor household chores. One advantage to being your own boss in the eldercare industry is your option to pick and choose your assignments. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the requirements of a position before accepting a position. You want to make sure you always keep your families satisfied, since word of mouth and references are your greatest sales point.

If you are really wanting to grow a business, instead of you doing the actual care, you can hire employees. You will be responsible for managing, hiring, finding clients, and quality control. Plan on visiting homes you have employees working in. You need to make sure everyone is staying satisfied, and make adjustments quickly when there are problems. In the eldercare industry, your reputation is everything. You must build strong relationships and provide excellent service.

The eldercare field can be an exciting opportunity for your own business. It might not always be about sitting around and playing cards, but it always an opportunity to build new friends and relationships. It is one business you can enjoy for many years, as you continue your business growth.

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