Bioidentical Hormones And Aging

In recent years, hormone replacement therapy with the use of bioidentical hormones has gained popularity as treatment for the symptoms of menopause. With its recognition aided by recent celebrity endorsements, a lot of women have shifted their choice to this from conventional hormone replacement therapies or CHRT.

As the medical community started to take a second look at conventional hormone replacement therapy, they discovered that this may do more harm than good to women. CHRT uses synthetic and human hormones that are structurally altered, with the alteration creating a new type of hormone that is not found in the human body.

Then focus was shifted to bioidentical hormones which have actually been used for years but had its share of the limelight only in recent times. These are plant derived preparations that mimic the woman’s hormonal cycles and are touted to be safer than conventional therapies as these are obtained from natural sources and do not undergo any alteration process.

Studies show that bioidentical hormones have the ability to reverse the aging process, as evidenced by lab tests on mice. This development has made it the more favored anti-aging choice of women today. Besides countering the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, women have found a fountain of youth in this treatment.

However, some skeptics claim that there are not enough data on to back up the claims of the therapeutic capabilities of bioidentical hormones and its effects with long term use. But proponents of bioidentical hormones have countered that this mode of treatment has been used for decades and claim that natural is better in that it does not cause adverse effects on the body that have been shown to be caused by synthetic hormones.

Use of bioidentical hormones has benefitted women for decades. Because of its natural characteristics, bioidentical hormones are absorbed by the body faster and utilized more effectively. Some of the benefits derived are a significant reduction in hot flashes, reduced vaginal dryness, a reduction in erratic moods and better sexual health without the accompanying side effects that come with conventional hormone replacement therapies.

Bioidentical hormones are also being promoted as a better alternative to plastic surgery and other invasive procedures which are riskier and much more expensive. Besides making women look and feel good, it brings about hormonal balance which leads to better health. Some women who have undergone the treatment also claim that it can actually reverse the aging process.

The use of bioidentical hormones as an anti-ageing treatment is nothing new. In fact its first uses for the treatment of menopausal symptoms have been recorded since the 1930’s. Although it would seem that the perfect anti-ageing formula has eluded those who have been searching for it, we may just realize later on that the answer has always been there but we have just failed to tap into it.

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